Firbous sealing combound


Fibrous repair sealing compound


AQUA-DICHT helps with nearly every sealing problem.

If there are holes, cracks, dry or wet surfaces – AQUA-DICHT adheres quickly
and reliably to nearly all surfaces like aluminium, zinc, lead, glass, stone,
asphalt, corrugated asbestos, roofing felt, hard PVC, bituminous waterproof
sheeting and wood – even under water.


• Seals ventilation pipes, ducts and sewers immediately

• Seals cracks and holes in bituminous waterproof sheeting immediately

• Seals everywhere in roofs (including flat roofs



• high elasticity

• seals immediately, even under water

• absolutely weather-resistant

• can be used in the rain

• can also be used in winter

• bridges cracks and holes several mm across


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